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If you ever need a letter of reference from a client, I am your man.



We've received the info from you--thanks for the thorough reports!

Josh and Karla

Thank you soo soo much for getting this to me so quickly!!!! You are the BEST!!


Thank you so much! Whe appreciate how thorough you were and how quickly you fit us in during the holidays.



Our Services Include

  • Buyer or seller home inspections
  • Well and septic system inspections
  • Radon testing
  • Water testing
  • Mobile home foundation certifications
  • Construction draw inspections

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Client Testimonials

“Thank you for the thorough and informative inspection. We feel comfortable knowing we are getting a good sound home.”

Phil D.

“Was a pleasure to meet you on Wednesday during the inspection. I appreciated your extensive knowledge and your willingness to explain the issues and code to me too. I always learn a lot from all that.”

Harlan J.

“Many thanks for the fine job you did evaluating the house. We are very pleased with your services and feel our money was well spent.”

Ed M.

“Gary - thank you so much for the thorough inspection and report - we both were extremely satisfied with the work and time spent educating us on the septic and water systems at the house.”

Tony & Suzanne L.

“Hi Gary - Just a note to let you know that the deal fell through. We asked that the seller lower the price to reflect the amount of money we would have to spend to bring it to a livable standard. He declined. Thanks for your thorough inspection, it really helped us in making good decisions.”

Dorothy J.

“Thank you for the report and test results, Gary. Your work is thorough, detailed and very professional.”

Colleen & John W.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I know you are very busy at this time and I appreciate you getting this done so fast.”

Ashley C.

“Thanks for forwarding the inspection report. Glad to see that there are no major defects or problems. I appreciate you doing a nice job and will be talking to you in the future, I'm sure.”

Craig G.

“Thank you for all the inspection reports! You and Gary are very fast! We plan on going ahead with the purchase of the cabin! Thank you for everything!”

Betsy & Tom S.

“Thank your very much Gary. You were very professional. I feel very confident that I will be moving into a safe and solid home. Thank you again.”

Antony L.

“Thanks for the great job you did Gary. I appreciated your thorough work and detailed report, as well as suggestions for improvements.”

Brett T.

“Gary- Your time, patience, expertise and explanations are most appreciated. Would be happy to provide a reference should it ever come up. Many Thanks. ”

Dan & Tena S.

“Gary- I thank you for your work. You are a delight to work with. Thank you.”

Mike V.

“It was a real pleasure to work with you yesterday and we very much appreciate your work to make sure all is in order with this property. Thank you very much.”

Judy & Russ

“Thanks for the thorough and diligent home inspection. I was very impressed with your professionalism and the report that you have provided me. I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends.”

Travis K.

“Thank you very much for the very complete property inspection report. The photos are great, nice work.”

Mark V.

“Thanks again for coming out and taking the time to go over everything and explain stuff to us. We REALLY appreciated it.”

Mindy & Kevin

“Debra and Gary- you guys have provided me with excellent, informative and fast service. I really appreciate the very professional way you've treated me. Your very satisfied customer,”


“Hi Gary- Thank you for the report and for the extremely thorough job of checking out the home. It was a pleasure to meet you. I told Dustin how much we enjoyed working with you and that he could give out your name to all of his clients with a great degree of confidence.”

Bob M.

“Hi Gary- Thank you so much for getting this done for me.... the report is very comprehensive and has helped me tremendously! :) Also, I saw that you had to find and dig out the septic cover...... Nichole (my sister & realtor) and I both thought it was uncovered, thank you for finding this.... apparently the home owner didn't even know where it was! ugh. Great work!! Thanks again.”

Kris H.

“Thanks for your help. You did a very thorough job.”

Lindsay S.

“Thank you Gary. I sincerely appreciate your service and efforts. Now that you’ve done two of these for me, should you ever need a reference I’d be more than happy to provide one. Your work is exceptional.”

Roger M.

“Thank you for working with us. You were very knowledgable and we appreciate all of your work and insight into the house. I will be sure to recommend you.”

Maddie U.

“Dear Gary- Thank you so much for all your great work! I was very impressed with your knowledge, and so glad we chose you to be our inspector. We really appreciate your getting this report out to us in such good time - it will help us a ton to be able to negotiate needed repairs with the seller before we commit to the purchase of their home. Again, our sincere thanks, we will tell everybody what a great job you did if they ever ask us about home inspection! Best wishes and it was so nice to meet and work with you!”

Kelly P.

“Thank you for a such a detailed inspection report. I have a much better understanding of the quality of this home.”

Jeff H.

“Thanks so much for the informative inspection of the property. We appreciate the information and suggestions you had. Thanks for your thoroughness and professionalism.”

Debra & John N.

“Hi Gary- You did our inspection on 9th street. We asked that the seller fix everything on the inspection that was electrical. They agreed to it! Glad I did!!! The cost is over $3,000.”

Gloria E.

“Gary - Thank you and I really appreciate all your expert inspection work on our 2nd home! I learned a lot about the house, feel much more confident about condition, and know exactly what to focus on to repair and prevent future issues.”

David R.

“Gary- Thank you so much for coming back again to check on the well. Your excellent inspection has helped us immensely as we have concluded the negotiations regarding the property with the seller. We hope to close at the end of the month and start the long process of getting the old house back in shape again. Can't wait! If you ever need a letter of reference from a client, I am your man. It is so rare to have such professional, thorough, and go-the-second-mile work done these days. Many thanks! Your friend,”


“Gary, The seller had someone tear out the paneling in the basement area on the north wall, and it was in worse shape than I could have imagined. There was obvious deflection of the wall inward, open cracks over 1/4" wide and complete deterioration of most of the wall framing. The entire north wall and possibly the east wall will need to be replaced. The leakage has been going on for quite a few years, and has obviously been an ongoing problem for the owner. Kathy and I cannot thank you enough for helping us avoid what would have been a very large mistake.”

Mike K.

“Thank you Gary. When you pick up the radon test today could you do me a great favor and look at the propane level and let me know what it is? Thanks again for your thoroughness. I hope we can share a cool drink this summer.”

William K.

“Thanks, Gary. We got the radon under control and a water filtration system installed. Everything seems to be okay. Thanks for everything.”

Janelle G.

“Gary, Thanks. Everything looks good. You were thorough, informative, and helped educate me regarding the systems. It was nice working with you.”

John F.

“Gary, Thank you for this report. Also I want to thank you for the thorough service you provided and for taking the time to very clearly explain what you discovered about this property. I would be happy to recommend you in the future should you ever need it. Regards,”

Scott M.

“Thank you Gary, We are so happy that we decided to have the property inspected. We were able to negotiate getting 6 new windows without cost to us! Todd and I both appreciate your time. Thanks again,”

Jodi M.

“Hi Gary, Thank you for your prompt response to our request for an inspection. My daughter Kerri who met you said you were very kind, thorough and informative. Respectfully,”

Chuck A.

“Thanks Gary. That’s great. Thanks for your help. It was good working with you. I will let you know if we have any other questions.”

Erik E.

“Thanks so much! When we find another house I will definitely call you again.”

Sara M.

“Gary, no the lab test won't be needed. Thank you for the inspection, will definitely be calling you if I need one in the future.”

Kyle S.

“Hello Gary, I just wanted to thank you again for the inspection. I appreciate the thoroughness and the quality of your work. Thanks again, and if I ever need another inspection you will be the first I call.”

Ben K.

“Gary, Thanks for turning these around so quickly. I look forward to getting the results of the water test back…hopefully it is as good as it looks. Again, I’d like to reinforce how impressed I was with your detail and willingness to share the information with me. It’s truly appreciated!!”

Steve S.

“Thanks Gary, and thanks for your professionalism. It was a great day working with you and looking over the property.”

Charlie M.

“Thanks Gary, I will talk to our broker about lobbying for the suggested changes, we really appreciated all of your help with the inspection.”

Hunter Q.

“Gary, Thank you for the report and photos. We'll look them over. I turned in the water sample this morning. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Joyce C.

“Fantastic! I also pored over the inspection report last night, and you did a fantastic job. Very detailed. I will take it from here with the homeowner. Regards,”

Jeremiah Z.

“Gary, Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!! Some good news, it looks like the bank will be taking care of a new well. It may be completed before closing at the end of May. I look forward to fishing and hunting up here as well. Have a great day,”


“Hi Gary, Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it. Your inspection is truly eye opening.”

Sherri L.

“It was good to meet you the other day. Thanks for your quick inspection report. Thank you.”

Stan J.

“Gary, thanks for the update. We'll look for it later this weekend. I have to tell you, we really appreciate the great job you did explaining things to us. We did not have any knowledge of well and septic systems and your explanation made things easy to understand. Thank you.”

Nancy S.

“Thanks Gary. We received the inspection report and the water test results also. Everything looks great - as we expected! We really appreciate your thoroughness and recommendations. We feel confident that we will not have to face any unforeseen problems. Thanks again for everything,”

Barb and Jeff S.

“Gary, Thanks for the final report. It was great to meet you on Saturday and doing business with you. We learned a lot about the property. Thanks again,”

Michelle P.

“Hi Gary, just wanted to let you know we purchased the property on Ham Lake. Sellers agreed to make the recommended repairs to the plumbing and heating, and had inspections done of the gas fireplace and well which checked out. As I mentioned we’re going to take down that section of roofing over the deck, re-do the gutters and maybe move the hot tub out of the porch and onto the patio. Anyway, thanks again for your help and expertise.”

Mark V.

“Thank you Gary. It was a pleasure meeting you. This is great information. I appreciate your assistance with opening and closing the cabin! Regards,”

Mary W.

“Gary, Thank you very much for your quick turnaround. You were such a treat to work with, we greatly appreciated your insight and professionalism. If you ever need me to send a testimonial for your business website, or for whatever media you choose, let me know and I will gladly write one for you. Thanks again for all of the information, this will be such a great reminder for us when we move in. Thanks again, have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Regards,”

Jeffrey P. H.

“Gary- T hank you for your very prompt report. We will review and advise if we have any questions.”

Bob & Joan A.

“Thanks for your very thorough report, Gary. Now we know what we need to do. I just got back home from Indiana tonight (Sat). I couldn't really view the pages very well on my iPhone so I just forwarded your email and attachments to Bill so we could discuss it over the phone and decide what we wanted to do about the purchase. We decided to let it go forward as it. We're going to replace the septic tank and take care of the other smaller repairs in the spring. It's very reassuring to know there aren't any really major problems with the cabin. Again, thank you so much for doing this so quickly. We really appreciate it, and I'm sure the sellers did too since they wanted to leave for AZ. Enjoy the fall!”

Marsha & Bill G.

“Hello Gary, Debbie and I thank you for your service today. Your professionalism and attention to detail during the property inspection was very much appreciated. We have reconsidered our decision to copy the real estate agent on the inspection results. Would you please confine the distribution of your report(s) to me please? Thanks again!”

Tom R.

“Gary, Thanks again for the thorough inspection and report. I appreciated you taking time to explain everything to me throughout the inspection. The information you share is invaluable when it comes to making an important home purchase decision. Best Regards,”

Mike C.

“Thanks Gary, you did a great job and the reference materials were helpful. We will keep you at the top of our list if we or anyone else we know in the area, need any inspection work in the future.”

Mark V.

“Gary, First let me say that it was a pleasure to meet you. As if it was possible, your professionalism, thoroughness and friendly demeanor exceeded the levels that Barbara had bestowed on you. I was able to gain so much valuable information from your expertise. Thank you.”

Dar N.

“Hi Gary, Thanks again for being so detailed in your inspection-knowing what we are dealing with, put my mind (more) at ease. Thanks again!”

Carrie W.

“Gary, Thank you for your quick response and professionalism throughout the home inspection. I now understand why you are highly recommended by Rob. My best regards,”

Mike C.

“Gary, Thanks for the inspection report. I have not had time to look at it in detail yet, but it looks very thorough and complete. A very professional job. We will read it this afternoon. Thanks.”

Duane & Joyce L.

“Hi Gary, Thank you very much for the work you did for us. We were very pleased with the report you gave us. I just need one thing from you. I need a receipt saying that I paid you for the inspection septic and water and the house separate so I can show the bank I paid you so I can write it off on closing costs. Thanks!”

Katie H J Jesse

“Thanks again Gary. Your professionalism was obvious and it gives us great confidence in purchasing this home.”

Kevin & Nancy F.

“Gary- Thank you again for your inspection services on Monday. You are a true professional and I appreciated your patience, candor and insight.We look forward to many happy memories at the cabin.”

Matthew R

“Thank you so much for all of your work! The home inspection is very easy to follow. I appreciate all you have done for Troy and I.”

Missy G.

“Gary, I have one more question. Sense you know a lot of contractors, can you suggest someone for plumbing, electrical, roof repair up in that area? Being a single women sometimes it is hard to find the right person to work with when it comes to repairs on cars, and houses. If you know what I mean. Thanks for all your help and answering all my questions at the inspection. You did a great job.”


“Gary, Thanks for the quick response and doing the inspection and providing a report that will be very helpful in the future. You have my permission to discuss the report with Bobbie Knudson to clarify your findings for the property. Thanks again.”

Earl F.

“Gary, Thank you again for your time and consideration, as well as the very professional detailed report on the property. I will review in detail and advise if I have any further questions or concerns. Thank you again on behalf of my wife and I, we greatly appreciated meeting with you at the property and reviewing the property with you in detail. We appreciated all of your insight and knowledge, and would recommend you to any future friends or family who may require a home inspection in the future. We look forward to your follow-up testing of the water and finalizing discussions with you in the coming week ahead. Take care and have a great week! Sincerely,”

David G.

“Thanks Gary. This is really a GLOWING report. It was great working with you again. I hope you fully recover from your injury...you're in good hands (no pun intended).”

Phil S.

“Hi Gary- Thanks for this very thorough report. It was nice to meet you, and I feel very confident that your evaluation has provided a solid understanding of this building. Hope the rest of your summer is a good one.”

Dave O.

“Gary, Thank you for your prompt inspection report and the most recent lab report on the well water. Jackie P has contacted the Lugner's with the results of the lab report and they are contacting a 'well specialist' to investigate and rectify the problem before retesting the water. Thank you again for your work on our behalf.”

Dave N.

“Thank you very much for the quick response Gary. I am very happy with the job that you did and will recommend you to anybody I know that is buying a home.”

Brad L.

“HI Gary, Had you ever inspected that place before? I sent the e-mail with attachments to Peggy saying too many critical and semi critical items that I'm not going through with this deal. A lady I work with, her mother lives near Eau Claire in a bi level home and had to have walls taken down as to rotten/mildew drywall and major digging up around house to pitch the ground away from house--6 mths of work. There is a better home on Perch Lake that appears to be better for 229,000. Thank You for your quality report and I most likely will be using your service in future. Sincerely,”

Eric G.

“Hi Gary Thank you for your time to day I enjoyed your professional ways and your ethics are outstanding. Thank You”

Jeffrey Scott C.

“Thank you so much for your professionalism and thoroughness. It was a pleasure working with you. I learned so much; you are an excellent teacher ,Sincerely,”

Bonni K.

“Thanks for being so prompt with the well and septic report! I guess I should plan on turkey hunting there also. I will let you know if I decide to have a home inspection after the closing. It probably would be a good idea, but we'll see. Thanks again.”

Craig D.

“Thank very much, Gary. We will review this in detail tonight, but it appears at first glance to align with what you told us verbally yesterday. Thanks for making this such a pleasant and professional process for us. We will look forward to hearing back on the water report later this week.”

Andrea J.

“Thanks Gary. It has been a pleasure working with you. I think you do a great job! Thanks for getting the report done so quickly. Have a good weekend:)”

Marcia R.

“Thanks for all your help Gary we will get back to you with any questions we may have we will try to look this over soon.”

Lori T.

“Thanks for the time you spent with me on this inspection. I have worked with many inspectors and find that some are not as thorough or as knowledgeable as you appear to be. Even though I have quite a bit of real estate experience, this type of property is a bit different than what I have been involved with. I appreciate your expertise. The inspection was a good value.”

Tom M.

“Thanks for all your efforts and professionalism in the inspection and report. You are definitely A+ in my book.”

Craig J.

“Thanks for the FAST report. Everything looks consistent with what you said yesterday.”

David G.

“Gary, thank you for the time you shared with us on Saturday. We were very impressed with the amount of time you gave us and educating us on the property. We look forward to getting the final results on the water and radon tests.”

David V.

“Gary, thank you for the Building Inspection Report and the quick turnaround. The report is very thorough and will be very helpful as we determine our next steps in this process.”

Steve K.

“Excellent, Again, thnk you for your efforts and professional report. You are definitely on my recommendation list to any friends.”


“Gary, thankyou for your job well done, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Perhaps when we get up there we can all meet face to face. I say more will be revealed in life. In his will is our peace.”


“Thank you Gary. It was a pleasure to meet you and I appreciated your thoroughness with the inspection. I told Angie at the bank that I would definitely recommend you to anyone that needs a home inspection.”

Jodi W.

“Thanks. We appreciated the thoroughness of your inspection as well as the education I certainly learned a lot in the process.”

Brad W.

“Hello Gary, I just wanted to let you know they have agreed to pay for a new well… Thanks A LOT for your help on this!”

Mark B.

“Hi Gary, Yes we recieved your inspection report, and made copys. Copies looks great. Thanks for doing the inspection. Very pleased with your work. Keeping your card on file.”


“Gary Thank you for completing the report in a timely fashion. Gail indicated you did a very thorough job. This is a very important step in the process for us to ensure we are making a good investment. I appreciate your help.”

Jay L.

“Hi Gary: Re: the four-square house in Webster, thought you would like to know the sellers came back and wanted to renegotiate. They wanted $89,000, I got it for $77,300 and it closed on July 10th.”

Annette S.

“Gary: Thank you very much. I learned a lot about the house. It was very valuable. I appreciate the quick turn-around for getting the report too. I will recommend your services very highly.”

T Johnson

“Thanks for the info. Thanks for being so prompt with the reprot too. I'll keep you in mind if I do decide to look at buying a different house for a buyer's inspection. Thanks again.”


“Thank you for going over the property so thoroughly yesterday. I have a much better understanding of the property and the utilities. The handouts were great too!!”


“I do want to thank you very much, even if the deal does not work out, I felt the $ I spent was like a class. You were very informative and thorough.”

Brian E.

“Thank you again for coming out to do the inspection. I told my wife that it was a good idea to have us there so we could see first hand what concerns you may have. We appreciate your time and how thorough you were with the inspection.”

David K.

“We just want to thank you for the work you did to inspect the property we are purchasing. It was very informative to go along with you and have you explain and show things to us. We appreciate your professionalism and knowledge. Thank you for your patience with our children as well!”

Josh & Vicky H.

“Gary, Thanks for your help with inspecting the 4-plex a couple of weeks ago. I have since bought that property and appreciate your knowledge and thoroughness.”

Kay H.

“Gary, Thank you so much for your information and sharing your knowledge. It was very nice meeting you. I can see why you are so highly recommended.”


“The time I spent with you at the home was very informative. I am VERY HAPPY with your service and I WILL recommend you to family, friends, and clients.”

Craig M.

“Thank you Gary for the reports and your expertise. This is the third house inspection I have had done and you are by far the best I’ve dealt with. Thanks!”

Roger M.

“Thank you for the reports. They look very thorough, and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs an inspection!!”

Diana B.

“It was great meeting you today. You really gave me some peace of mind by going through the house for me. Thanks again!”


“Thank you so much for your help. It is great to work with an honest man. Your integrity in appreciated.”

Jack H.

“It was so nice to meet you yesterday – we felt we were in very thorough and competent hands. It was reassuring to hear your favorable comments as you went along. We are excited to be the new owners of such a fine property.”

Cinda C.

“Thank you for doing such a complete job with the inspection. It is easy to see why you were recommended.”

Mel & Denise

“Gary thanks for your outstanding service. Thanks for your guidance and I will highly recommend you to others that will be buying homes in the near future as you are a true professional.”

John H.

"Thanks for the doing the inspection on Morningside for my daughter on short notice. I just thought you might want to know that BOTH furnaces at that house did indeed have cracked heat exchangers. Be on the look out for Goodman brand furnaces. They apparently are notorious for cracked exchangers, so much so that they offer replacement cost incentives. Thanks again.”

Deb W.

“Just wanted to say thanks again for my education today! You were very thorough, was able to explain mechanical systems in a way that I could understand, and a good guy to boot! Thanks!”


“Great to meet you today. Thank you for your very thorough and professional efforts on our behalf. Would you have any idea when the water tests will be done? Again, thank you -- you can bet we would highly recommend your services to anyone who asks!”

Erich & Mary-Helen

“Thank you Gary. We really appreciate the information and your willingness to help on short notice. Kind regards,”


“Gary, Thanks for the water report. It looks great! Our offer to purchase began with seven hurdles to cross and only two remain. Once again, thank you for your good and professional work.”

Bob S.

“Thanks Gary, We appreciate your work and the many answers you've provided. I wouldn't hesitate to call you again or recommend you to others.”

Katie B.

“Gary, Barb and I just wanted to thank you and say how professional and pleasant it was watching you do the inspection and taking the time to show us what to look for and how things work. We feel very confident in whatever decision we make. Thank you.”


“Hi Gary, Thank you for your report and your thorough review of the property! I appreciate your input, candor, advice and opinions. They were all very helpful. Thanks again!”


“Hi Gary, I got the inspection and have forwarded it on to Steve. Thanks again for all your help and Suggestions. Very educational and informative.”


“Gary, Thanks for the update. Just to let you know, I thought you did an excellent job. Very professional, thorough, and great turn around on the report. We will employ your services again when the need arises.”

Tom C.

“Thank you for the inspection report. Carol was very pleased with your assistance, observations, and advice. I am pleased to hear from Carol that she believes that getting your services was the right thing for us to do.”

Peter C.

“Thank you for your expertise, I will be asking for your advice again. I am grateful to have a better understanding about that house.”

Kathleen B.

“Gary, I wanted to thank you for the work you did for me at the property I'm purchasing. I know that the conditions of the property being vacant and locked up for a long time added time to the process.I met with some builders and draftsmen on Saturday and talked with them about the property.”

Steve C.

“Thank you for the prompt and professional inspection and report. I appreciated talking with you and learning how you operate your business. I would recommend you to anyone looking to have their home inspected. Again, thanks, and happy holidays.”

Brad & Marcia

“Hello Gary, Thank you for all your input - all information was complete and valuable - just what I was expecting. Pictures are clear and detailed. Recommendation on pond digging is really appreciated.”Thanks again for your great help Gary! Have a wonderful New Year! Best wishes”


“Thanks Gary! We truly appreciate the attention to detail and the quick turn-around time for the inspection report. We closed on the cabin last week and were able to use the inspection findings to have several issues resolved prior to purchase. Your thoroughness along with the knowledge you were able to share exceeded or expectations. Much appreciated!”


“I would like to extend a big thank-you to one of your employees. His mane is Gary Roholt. He did the inspection on the home I am buying. Not only was this step a new experience for me but at present I am about 1,400 miles away. Mr. Roholt took the time to answer my many questions and explained things so clear and simple and really made everything easy to understand. Mr. Roholt treated me with the top of the line respect. Gary made this hudge step very smooth to make. If I come across anyone that would need the service of your CO., your name and Mr. Roholt would be at the top of the list. Please pass on my thanks to Mr. Roholt. Really was clear to me that he knew his job and did it well. Sincerely,”

Debra K. H.

We serve Rice Lake, Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Hayward, Spooner, Bloomer, Ladysmith, Cumberland, Menomonie and Cable