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We did not have any knowledge of well and septic systems and your explanation made things easy to understand. Thank you.

— Nancy S.

Our Services Include

  • Buyer or seller home inspections
  • Well and septic system inspections
  • Radon testing
  • Water testing
  • Mobile home foundation certifications
  • Construction draw inspections

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Water Testing

People are becoming more aware of water quality, especially for consumption. For most real estate transactions and always when a well inspection is completed (per new State Law Oct 2015) water is tested for bacteria, nitrates, and arsenic. There are many contaminates that can be tested in your drinking water. We have contracted with labs all over the state to provide for any type of test that you may need. As a DNR Licensed pump installer we are provided with updated information yearly on potential areas with contaminated groundwater.  See Drinking Water Publications.


Lab water reports: When can you expect them?

Lab reports are emailed to you as soon as we receive them.  

Once the water is drawn for testing in most cases we have our courier deliver the water to a Certified Testing Lab. The water has to be at the lab with in 48 hours of draw if the sample is drawn from a private well.  The currier service may increase the cost for shipping, but insures the water will get to the lab on time and in testable condition (not frozen, broken containers). Turn around times can be 7-14 days once the lab receives the water. Turn around time can be affected by the labs work load, or water quality issues that require a longer set time due to problems like high iron content. The day of the week that the sample is drawn by the Well Inspector can be a factor. Samples drawn by the Well Inspector later in the week are delayed by the weekend.  Most labs are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Clients or their Realtors occasionally will get nervous and call us or email repeatedly asking about water results.  They also want the labs phone number to call.  We can provide the phone numbers of all labs we use but it will not make a difference in the turnaround time of the sample.  In addition realize that we have no control over the labs schedule so calling and emailing us daily will not accelerate the turnaround time.                         

A+ Inspection Specialist's LLC 's recommendation for Well and Water Inspections is that clients make sure if you have an offer contingent upon lab results allow at least 21 days from the date of acceptance to get all results back and enough time for corrections to be made if there is a problem with the water. 

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