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Winterized Property Inspections

In Northern Wisconsin, it is common that homes are "winterized". Water is drained from all water sources, heat is shut down, or the dwelling is not intended for year-round use and has to be winterized. 

Regardless of the conditions if you need the work done it can be done.
In order to facilitate the process, we have completed a home inspection  Checklist. The purpose is to make the property ready for inspection. The home inspection, well or septic inspection and water sampling then can be completed.

Home InspectionFAQ's

Q: I am buying a cabin on a lake and the homeowners are in Arizona. The property is winterized. Can you do a home inspection, well, septic, and water tests?

A: Yes, The home should be put back in service as if it were being lived in if at all possible.  Typically the sellers will do this unless you agree to pay for the de-winterizing. The heat sources should be running, well pumps in service, water on, water pipes and water heater filled,  Septic tank  cover and all inspection pipes located and exposed (if buried or covered with snow)

Q: I have 10 days to get a home inspection. The property is in foreclosure and is winterized and no electricity. What needs to be done?

A: The power would need to be connected by the power company, they may expect prepayment before installing a meter or turning the power on. If city municipal water and sewer supply the water meter needs to be installed and water turned at the main usually in the yard or street. The water utility company may expect prepayment before installing a meter or turning the water on.  There may be delays beyond 10 days due to frozen pipes, furnace won't start, etc.

Q: We are looking at a foreclosure property, the bank said they will not do anything to the property, it is "as is". Can you do an inspection if the property has no heat, water is off?

A: Yes, but all the limitations would have to be documented on your report. Utility inspections would be very limited. For example the furnace may appear serviceable but without power or fuel available the furnace operation would not be verified. Correct polarity and grounding of the some of the electrical components can not be verified. Plumbing component condition with water in the system (presence of leaks) would not be not be verified. Obviously it is better to have all utilities up and running.

Q: I have an accepted offer on a winterized foreclosure property and need the inspections completed within 5 days including any test results, The bank will send out the property manager to dewinterize this week. Can you get the inspection and testing work done in 5 days?

A: We will do what we can to meet your deadlines. The reality is most water test results take 2 to 5 days for results to be received back from a State Licensed lab. For example: Water tests for coliform and nitrates are the most common and have to be at the lab within 36 to 48 hours depending on the lab. Water tests cannot be drawn on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning unless special delivery arrangements (added cost) have been made with the Labs. Also the property manager may not go to the property for a week to dewinterize. Then if there are problems getting the property back in service, which is very common  that causes more delays. My opinion is that for the benefit of both sellers and buyers of foreclosure or winterized properties a 5 day inspection contingency is not enough time. If at all possible consider 21 days especially if well, septic, and water testing is needed.

Q: We are negotiating on a seasonal cabin that has been winterized. It has a point well and nobody knows where the septic system is located. It is 10 degrees and there is 2 feet of snow, it hasn't been plowed  or shoveled out. Can you do a home inspection and a well, septic, and water test?. Sellers are willing to help get the property ready they want to close quickly.

A:  The plumbing inspection would  probably be limited to visual only in subfreezing weather. Charging the water pipes with no heat can create future problems that would not have been present otherwise. Consider having your Realtor write in a note on your offer for verification of the plumbing to be in full service with no leaks when the weather permits. The septic system if present can be located, but there may be a need for additional contractors at an additional expense. Jackhammers and  backhoes can be used to be sure the system is located. The driven point well can be tested if it is in an enclosure, ie. pump house or small room in the cabin that can be heated. The well pump will likely be removed and would need to be re-installed and the system primed. A temporary heat source would need to be provided near the well to prevent freezing. We can bypass the water supply and waste pipes if there is 1) a main shut off valve (shuts off the water to the house water supply) down stream of the pressure tank for the well. And 2) a spigot used for draining or drawing water is between the well pressure system and the water shut off for the house water supply that will accept a flexible  standard hose coupling.  The well would need to be re winterized after testing.  2 feet of snow will limit the view of a roof and the lot and landscaping components we will be looking at the areas that are visible and are typical problem areas. Certainly ask them to plow the driveway and shovel walkways, decks, patios, balconies etc. Inspection limitations would be documented on your report.

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